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Dealer Information

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Dealers are welcome. For the Dealer Program click here to send your request now.You can also call, fax or mail us at:

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Toll Free 1-800-810-4540
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Mailing address

Cal-Neva Marine
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Thank you for you interest in our unique quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size do I need?
Contact us about our products.

How much does it cost?
Contact us about our pricing.

What color can I order?
The Hydro-Foil Propeller Guard®  is available only in black.

What if I already have a Hydro-Foil installed on my boat?
No problem.  Our products do not come with pre-drilled holes for installation.  You should be able to use existing hydro-foil holes.  If your propeller size requires the MK-II, you can just order the Propeller Guard Skeg Guard (PGSG) without the hydro-foil and use your existing hydro-foil.

Will it help my boat get better gas mileage?
It will vary with every combination of engine and boat.  Most houseboats and pontoon boats notice a decrease in gasoline consumption.  Some boaters save as much as 30% in gas.

Will my boat decrease in speed?
It will vary in every combination of boat and motor.  Most boats see an increase in speed because the water is being sent to the rear instead of flying off the sides of the propeller.  The Hydro-Foil Propeller Guard® is not intended for boats exceeding 90hp and 35-40 mph.  However, many boaters still install the unit to protect their propeller and for safety reasons.

Do I need the hydro-foil or just the propeller guard?
Typically, the hydro-foils are used on boats that plane.  Hydro-foils will help keep the bow level, plane faster and pull water skiers up quicker.  The MK-I is only sold as a complete unit with the hydro-foil and propeller guard.  The MK-II may be purchased with or without the hydro-foil.  Generally, houseboats and pontoon boats do not require the hydro-foil unless they get up and plane.

How long does it take to install?
The average person should be able to install The Hydro-Foil Propeller Guard® within 30 minutes.

What is the product made out of?
The Hydro-Foil Propeller Guard®  is made out of energy absorbing, high impact plastic.

Can I return it if I don’t like it?
We want you to be happy with your purchase.  Please contact us for return installations within seven (7) days by phone, fax or Email of receipt of your purchase.  All return items must have a RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the package.  Items returned must be in original condition and in its original packaging container.  Missing or damaged items will be deducted from your refund.  Upon receipt and inspection of returned items, we will issue a refund for the returned items if returned in the original condition, excluding any shipping costs.  You are responsible for shipping and insurance costs, which shall not be reimbursed for any reason.  Returned merchandise must be received within ten (10) days of the date from which you contacted us regarding the return.

What is the warranty?
Lifetime Limited Warranty.  Cal-Neva Marine guarantees your Hydro-Foil Propeller Guard against any defect in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase and will replace The Hydro-Foil Propeller Guard® F.O.B. the manufacturer.  Thereafter, for as long as you own your boat should The Hydro-Foil Propeller Guard® fail from defective material or workmanship it will be replaced for 50% below retail, plus shipping and handling.  Defective material and/or workmanship does not include improper installation, negligence, modification abnormal operation or damage caused by striking foreign objects which could cause major lower end engine damage.  A warranty card is included in every shipment.

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Happy Holidays!



September 18, 2000
“Dear Sirs:
“I recently installed your propguard on my tour pontoon boat as a safety device to protect the manatees I show my customers. I want you to know it has surpassed my expectations. My fuel consumption has been greatly reduced and the handling of my vessel has appreciably improved – especially in reverse.”
from Captain Skip, Wildside Tours – Florida

October 12, 2000
“I recently purchased a MK-II Hydro-Foil, Propeller Guard and Skeg Guard accessory for my Compag-24. This boat is powered by a 250 HP marine power driving an Alpha II stern drive. I am impressed with the improved performance of my boat, however, the most positive advantages of the unit in our area is it’s protection of props and skegs in our shallow shell bottomed waters, not to mention, crab trap lines and other underwater structures that cause much damage to outboard and stern drive lower units and props.
“I am so impressed with this product that I am seriously considering selling and installing this product from our marine stores and service shops.
from Bert, President/CEO, Louisiana

November 7, 2000
“We bought a couple of your Hydro-Foil Propeller Guards. I just wanted to let you know that it cut our fuel consumption on our 20 ton river boat which has two decks, from about 35% less than what we were using and these are two 90 HP Hondas. It is also much easier to synchronize the engines now and it turns much sharper and the speed increased at a lower RPM. Just wanted you to know that so far we are very happy with it.
“Thank you!”
from Bartholomew, Yesteryear Cruises

July 23, 2001
“Enclosed are the photo’s of our work boat that we use here in Wisconsin. They Hydro-Foil we purchased from you works great on our equipment. the boat weighs in at 8,200 lbs. and with the Hydro-Foil it helps to keep the bow up and maneuvering around the docks keeps the thrust contained.
“This is a great product!”
from Gene, Florida



Reduces bouncing for smoother ride.

Pulls up skiers quicker & safer – more torque.

Improves performance and handling.

Stabilizes boat and gives much smoother ride by eliminating chine walk, cavitation and porpoising – helps raise the stern & lower the bow.

Reduces fuel consumption.

Eliminates need for trim tabs on the stabilizer fin.

When in reverse, the boat will back up in a straight line.

Gives precise and quick response when operating.

Eliminates water fly-off at the ends of the propeller blades, thus forcing the water through the torque tube and to the rear, giving better performance and efficiency.


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